2nd International Legal Summit “ONE WAY: Investment and Law in Asia and Russia”

We invite you to take part in the 2nd International Legal Summit “One Way: Investment and Law in Asia and Russia”, which will be held on January 12, 2020, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Summit is organized by the Russian-Asian Bar Association, which was created in 2017 with the aim of bringing together legal experts from Asia and Russia, as well as countries of the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Treaty. The Association organizes the exchange of projects between members of the Association — practicing lawyers and law firms, participates in investment conferences in Russia and Asia and invites professionals from Asia and Russia to discuss practical problems arising in various jurisdictions at their own legal forums and conferences. The purpose of the Summit is to establish personal contacts between Attorneys and Lawyers of Russia and Asia, exchange investment projects and establish mutually beneficial cooperation between clients of lawyers from various countries of Asia and large corporations for the export of products to Asia and Africa and investment in Russia. During the discussions at the Summit,  Will be discussed issues of sanctions, WTO and international arbitration cases, investments in large infrastructure projects in Russia, Asia and the Middle East, practical cases on certification and export of products to Russia, and the countries of the Customs Union, China and the Gulf, antidumping will be touched regulation as an obstacle to the growth of large investments and the export of products of Russian manufacturers to Asia and Asian exporters to Russia. The discussion will be attended by recognized experts in the field of international economic law, export and investment, heads of large Arab corporations, lawyers of Russia, Asia and the Arabian Gulf, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, ambassadors of Asia and the Middle East in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Topics of the RALA Summit  B-to-B discussions:

- international arbitration cases and how to use arbitration courts UAE in the interests of Russian exporters,

- practical aspects and legal difficulties in export and import in Russia and Asia, solving problems with Bank payments and seizure of assets of Russian companies abroad,  search for new areas of cooperation of Russian business in Asia,                                 exchange of cases and clients between lawyers and lawyers of Russia with Asian lawyers.

- new LegalTech IT systems for the work of a lawyers:   

Brandpol- Legal Uber for advocates at trade marks defense. Detailed master-class of the BrandPol System with the top officials of the global it Corporation BrandPol.

- problems with the export and certification of Russian products in Asia and the Gulf(why Russian Halal food still not on the local markets)

- lobbying of Russian exports of products and services,

- anti-dumping and tariff barriers in the import of products of Asian manufacturers in Russia,

- the fight against corruption in customs authorities and state regulators,

import, sanctions and counter-sanctions,

- investments in major infrastructure projects in Russia, Gulf and Africa using (Education, Pipelines construction, Shipbuilding, Fishery, Oil refining, Green energy, Food, Islamic inance).

The Forum language is English

Honored guest Of the Summit is Yukio Hatoyama - Japanese politician, Leader of the Liberally Party of Japan, Prime Minister of Japan 2009-2010,

Head of the Inter-Parliamentary group of deputies of the Japanese Parliament and the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Speakers of the Summit are high-ranking Russian and Gulf politicians,

Bankers, investors and international advocates:

Ibrahim Ajami — Chief Executive Officer Investment Foundation «Mubadala» (UAE)

Edward Fedosov- BrandPol Group President (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Ms Noura Almaazmi (Law firm President, notary, arbitrator, UAE)
  • Secret guest (Moscow, Sberbank)
  • Mr Nahar Daif Allah Al-Dalbahi (advocate, Riyad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Nepeivoda Natalia Russia, Parter of law firm Sollaris, extert at chinese law
  • Sophia Yazane (advocate, UAE\France, tax expert)
  • Abdul Rahman BMH (Abdul Rahman Law Corporation, Singapore)
  • Ambrose Lam (Hong Kong, President of the Global Association of Chinese-Speaking Lawyers)
  • Dr. Rashid al Kabbah (advocate, President law firm, Lebanon),
  • Pozdnyakov Vladimir  (State Duma Russia),
  • Fridman Denis (advocate, Managing partner law firm Fridman, Girin & Partners, Russia)
  • Kolesnichenko Sergey(President of the Russian Business Association (China), General representative of OJSC Magnitogorsk iron and steel works in ASEA)
  • Wang Xiaping (PRC, Senior advocate, GRANDALL law firm, Beijing)
  • Pavel Ananenko (Vice President, Arctic LNG-2, Russia)
  • Mr. S. K. Singh (Advocate in the Indian Supreme Court, Calcutta)
  • Alexander Lindemann (Switzerland, Luxembourg, lawyer, Founder of the Banking Forum in Switzerland),
  • Antonio Ballester (advocate, senior partner of Spanish law firm «Tomarial»)
  • Mgr. Bc. Pavla Vacková(advocate, Exiure,  Czech Republic)
  • Jean-Philippe Chetcuti (Malta, President of the law firm)
  • Jurica Saric (Advocate, Senior Partner law firm, Croatia, Zagreb)
  • V. I. Chacic (Belarus, President of the Republican Collegium of advocates)
  • Ashish Deep Verma(India, advocate, President Vidhiśāstras-Advocates & Solicitors)
  • Randolph Khoo (Singapore, Deputy Managing Director of Drew & Napier)
  • ENG. JAMAL CHAYKHOUNI (UAE, CEO of Almarsat Projects Development, Claims Expert, Adjudicator, Expert in Construction & Commercial Dispute)
  • Alexey Borisov (Chairman of the Executive Committee of the UN world Federation of associations)
  • Gololobov Dmitry (London, advocate Gololobov and Co, Professor, UK)
  • Don Leonardo Andriulo (Advocate, Italy)
  • Nenad Vukovic (President of law firm, Serbia)
  • George Z. Georgiou (Managing Partner, law firm, Cyprus)
  • Sumes Dewan (Managing Partner  Lex Favios, New Delhi, India)
  • Igor Vizhegorodtsev (Russia, bankruptcy lawyer, expert for sale of the property of the companies under bankruptcy)
  • Dr. Hashem M. Jaber (UAE, Senior Vice-President Omnix Group, Ex-Court Registrar for the U.A.E. Supreme Court)
  • Sobolevskaya Ludmila Russia, Managing partner, advocate Law firm Sollaris

The Summit will also be attended by heads of legal departments of Russian state corporations and Fortune 500 companies, senior lawyers and judges of the Russian Federation, CIS Countries, Asia and the Middle East, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, senators of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Ambassadors of Asia and the Middle East at UAE.

Summit partners

ALMAAZMI Advocates & Legal Consultants((UAE)

Nahar D. Al Dalbahi Attorneys and Counselors at Law(KSA)

The Saudi Bar Association(KSA)

Indian National Bar Association(India)

Global Chinese speaking Lawyers Association (Hong Kong)

All China Lawyers Association (China)

Grandall Law Firm(China)

Russia House International Lawyers(Russia)

Brandpol Group(Dublin) — Uber for lawyers

The Federation Council of Russian Federation

The State Duma of the Russian Federation


The Russian Federal Bar Association(RFBA)


1645 дней назад
12 January 2020 8:30–22:00

The Oberoi Hotel Al A'amal St. -Dubai, UAE
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