• 14 September 2018, Friday
  • Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Europe square, 2 Moscow

International Legal Forum “One Road: Investments and Law in Asia and Russia”

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Русско - Азиатская Ассоциация Юристов
251 day ago
14 September 2018 from 8:30 till 15:00
Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Europe square, 2 Moscow

The main goal of the conference is the implementation of specific legal projects and establishing cooperation between advocates and lawyers of the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, other Asian countries and Russian-speaking countries. Also, problems of sanctions, WTO and arbitration cases will be touched upon. 我们很荣幸邀请您参加我们的国际法律论坛 “一条路:亚洲和俄罗斯的投资与法律”,2018年09月14日 论坛的主要目的是俄罗斯律师与亚洲律师之间的务实合作以及项目/⁠客户的交流。本次论坛将讨论俄罗斯,乌兹别克斯坦,哈萨克斯坦,中国,印度尼西亚,蒙古,沙特阿拉伯,其他亚洲和中东国家的重大基础设施项目投资,制裁,WTO和国际仲裁案件的法律问题。 论坛发言人都是法律领域公认的专家:Ambrose Lam(香港),Kumar Sinh(印度),George Georgio(塞浦路斯,N.A. Morozov(俄罗斯石油公司),EV Bogomolov(圣彼得堡),A. Linderman教授(瑞士)。 大型国营和私人控股公司/⁠⁠⁠企业法律部门的负责人,俄罗斯/⁠⁠⁠独联体国家法律委员会和部门的高级合伙人,俄罗斯联邦国家杜马代表,俄罗斯联邦总统办公厅代表,俄罗斯联邦安全局、国防部、外交部代表,亚洲和中东国家的大使,来自日本,中国,韩国,沙特阿拉伯,阿拉伯联合酋长国,新加坡,斯里兰卡和马来西亚的律师将出席本论坛。 本论坛的合作伙伴有: 印度国家律师协会 全球华话律师协会(香港) 国际亚洲仲裁中心(马来西亚) “一带一路”全球律师协会(中国) 举办地点:莫斯科尼格林纳亚大街4号,莫斯科柏悦酒店,8:30 请确认您的参与 +7(495)651 66 76, 211-⁠⁠⁠41-⁠⁠⁠88,forum2018@rala.legal

At one place to meet lawyers and officials from Russia,  businessmen,
international advocates and speakers from China, United Arab Emirates,
India, Switzerland and other countries. The Chairwoman of the
Federation Councill Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko becomes the main
forum guest.

This forum is unique. Discussions with delegates from different
countries, detection of common and different, exchange opinions and
views, active dialogue of cultures is the driving force and a huge
step forward a globalized society in which actively developing
relations Russia and the countries of the East. The forum sets itself
an important goal — practical cooperation lawyers of Russia with Asian
advocates and the exchange of projects, ideas and client, which can
not but be reflected from the positive side to development of our
country. The forum will discuss legal issues of investments in large
infrastructure projects in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China,
indonesia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, another Asian and the Middle East
countries, sanctions, WTO and international cases. And as important
moment — this forum attracts students from law universities. This will
allow young generation to learn about development trends of relations
between Russia and the East, gain experience from successful and
practicing lawyer.

The speakers of the forum are prominent experts and international
lawyers, among whom:
Ambrose Lam (Hong Kong, a solicitor, the President of the Law Society
of Hong Kong),
Tafintsev Maxim (Moscow, an advocate, the President of the Russian
Asian Legal Association),
Dr. Rashid Al Kababah (UAE, an advocate, the President of the law firm),
Pozdnyakov V.G. (The State Duma, a deputy)
Kolesnichenko Sergey (the President of the Russian Business
Association (China), General Representative OJSC «Magnitogorsk Iron
and Steel Works» in ASEU),
Wang Chiaping (PRC, an Senior Advocate, GRANDALL Law Firm),
George Giorgio(Cyprus, an Attorney, Owner of a law firm),
Pavel Ananenko (PRC, Head of VTB Branch in Shanghai),
Ashish Dip Verma (India, an Attorneyof the Supreme Court of India),
Alexander Lindemann (Switzerland, Luxemburg, an advocate, Founder of
the Banking Forum in Switzerland),
Egorova Maria (Moscow, Professor of Kutafin Moscow State Law University),
Professor J.F. Chetcati (Malta, the Presidenr of the law firm),
V. I. Chaychits (Belarus, a deputy, the President of the Republican
Bar Association),
Sladkov Boris (South Korea, CORTIS),
Borisov Alexey (Chairman of the Executive Committeeof the Arbitration
of St. Petersburg),
Ilya Putilin (Asian International Arbitration Center, Malaysia),
Koshel A.S. (Vladivostok, Pro-rector of the FEFU)
Dmitry Gololobov (London, an advocate, a Principal at Gololobov & Co,
Professor, Great Britain),
Maxim Osintsev (Moscow, Sberbank),
Davydov Michael (Moscow, National alliance grain producers of Russia).

The Forum will be attended by the heads of the legal departments of
the biggest state holdings and private companies, senior partners of
top law firms of the CIS countries, Asia and the Middle East, deputies
of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, representatives the
administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Federal
Security Service, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation,
Ministery of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation,  Ambassadors
of the Asian and the Gulf countries, advocates from Japan, China,
South Korea, Saidi Arabia, UAE and Malasia.

The official partners of the forum among others are:
•       The State Duma of the Russian Federation
•       The Federation Council
•       Indian National Bar Association (New Delhi)
•       Global Association of Chinese-speaking Lawyers (China)
•       International Asian Arbitration Center (Malaysia)
•     The all-China Bar Association
•     Law Firm «Russian House»
•      Belarusian National Bar Association
•      International lawyers (Moscow)
•      Granada Law Firm (China)

The forum organizer — Russian Asian Legal Association.

Place: Moscow, Hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya, Square of Europe 2

Information: Russian Asian Legal Association was established in 2016
to strengthen cooperation between lawyers from Russia and Asia and
other regions of the world.
The main goal of the Association is the implementation of specific
legal projects and organizations of cooperation between lawyers of
Russia, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malasia,
Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries of Asia.

The Board of the Association includes:
•      Legal representatives of the large stage-owned and private
corporations from Russia, CIS countries, China, Malasia, hong Kong,
Singapore, UAE and India;
•      Heads of the largest international arbitration courts at Asia.

Please, confirm your participation +7 (495) 651-66-76, +7 (495) 211-41-88,


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